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NewProd Design, or NewProd for short, are a product and technology focused design consultancy based in Nottingham, UK. NewProd was started in July 2018 by Daniel Mason and James Wright, having both achieved first-class degrees from De Montfort University in Product Design.

Products, technology and functional design has always been our passion, and NewProd is the extension of this and the investment of our time into delivering quality solutions to exciting and challenging concepts and proposals.

Concept, Devlopment, Working Model hight


Having carried out extensive design for plastic and planting based products at university alongside target market interviews and design workshops, NewProd have a strong knowledge of design for a host of product areas.

Our expertise does not end here however. In order to establish an effective product solution, NewProd are specialists in testing and research, having created a series of planting focused test rigs that entered user's homes for direct user feedback and data analysis.

With the skill-set and drive to ensure a product not only looks great but works in the real-world, NewProd are always eager for a challenge in this field.

Vertigo, Home smart hydroponics system


With a background in both model and full-sized railway operation, NewProd are well versed with engineering workshop machinery and engineering design. With a metalwork lathe and mill at our disposal, NewProd are able to offer design for engineering applications and small-scale manufacture upon request.

As this is one of our passions, we are always excited to hear your machining related proposals and queries. Having designed products such as portable miniature railway track and tools for pressing miniature locomotive wheels, our knowledge of engineering materials and their properties allow us to work with components for a variety of engineering design fields.

Miniature railway portable track, designed, made, used
Aluminum die casting tool, Manufacturer, Tooling, Design


At NewProd, our drive is to ensure any product and system we are tasked with is fully manufacturable. Having undertaken industrial visits to manufacturers specialising in plastic injection moulding, die casting and aluminium extrusion to name a few, we are well-versed with the requirements to design for these processes and can tailor your product proposal to suit.

With links to these industries and the ability to draw from years of experience in these fields, the products we design require fewer alterations before manufacture than would ordinarily be expected.

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