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Thinking Inside the Box - CAD and 3D Printing

We tested the capabilities of our FDM printers with this little challenge - the cube inside is completely supported with PLA brake-away support. When the part is finished on the printer, this can then be broken away with the aid of a pair of pliers.

We've attached the STL files in this blog post so if you want to have a go at printing this for yourself, you can!

Just download the files, import them into your favorite slicer software and print them on whatever printer your printer at home. We would love to know how you get on, so be sure to share you finished print to social media.

We are planning to print try out the NewProd cube on SLA printers and FDM with dissolvable filament in the near future, so follow us to see how we get on.

If you have an idea for something you would like us to print, please contact us today through our email -

To download the STL files to print your own NewProd cube follow this link to your Google Drive

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