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Clocking in for 2020

Since our last blog post, the business had once again been somewhat on the back-burner. As we adjust our person lives to continue to grow the business, we one day hope to grow beyond two enthusiastic mates with a dream of their own bustling design consultancy in the heart of the Midlands. We're delighted to say that the calendar for 2020 is clean slate and are, if nothing else,relieved to be back in the office every week day doing what we love.

No projects are too big or small. Over the Christmas break we've really enjoyed working on this classic Volvo 240 car instrument cluster to match an original part of factory specification that is no longer available. Utilising CAD, we were able to create a like-for-like component in a relatively short turnaround with our newly expanded 3D printing services.

Now that we are happy with the design, we will be assisting with the low-volume batch-production of these parts, which will be finished and spray painted to look identical to the originals. In this regard, our experience with 3D printed parts has drawn us to the conclusion that the final parts will need to be printed in ABS plastic to withstand the high temperatures car interiors can be subject to in the summer months.

Thankfully, we have been busy upgrading our 3D printers to be suitable for ABS 3D printing, including adding enclosures for temperature control and upgrading to glass print beds to prevent part warping. With these improvements come the launch of our dedicated 3D printing service enquiry page on our website. For our full range of 3D printing services, head over to to get a quote today!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read through our blog and we wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


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